March 24, 2023

EdTechX Stories: Phil Cutler

Former classroom teacher, Canada-based Phil Cutler is now Co-Founder & CEO at Paper, an online platform that works directly with K-12 public school districts to support their students. In this interview, Phil talks to Benjamin Vedrenne-Cloquet about the origin of the company and his mission to close the educational equity gaps. Gain Phil’s views on the public education system, the impact of technology on education, the ‘Eduverse’ and what the next generation of EdTech looks like for him.

December 15, 2022

EdTechX Stories: Marie-Christine LevetEdTechX

Benjamin Vedrenne-Cloquet speaks to Marie-Christine Levet, the CEO and Co-Founder of Educapital, the leading European Impact Fund dedicated to EdTech and the Future of Work. Based in Paris, this mother of two has been in the EdTech industry for 25 years, first as an entrepreneur, then as an investor and now runs one of the unique women-led VC funds in partnership with founding partner, Litzie Maarek. Learn about the events that led Marie-Christine to set up the fund, what impact investing means to her, what she looks for in a business and what she sees as the hottest market in EdTech.


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