Investment Banking

IBIS Capital provides a broad range of financial advisory services to our clients. We pride ourselves on our innovative approach to each transaction and assignment, understanding a client’s requirements and tailoring our advice to the specific set of circumstances.


We are able to provide a “hands on” corporate development approach to acquisitions for our clients. IBIS Capital will typically fulfil the following roles as part of an acquisition process:

  • Helping develop the acquisition strategy
  • Identifying potential acquisition targets
  • Initiating approaches to companies and their shareholders
  • Valuing the identified acquisition target
  • Handling negotiations and structuring the transaction
  • Managing the client’s other advisers, such as accountants and lawyers
  • Overseeing the due diligence investigations and completion of the transaction

Company Sales and Divestments

As with acquisitions, we can provide assistance and advice all the way through a company sale or disposal process. Our focus is maximising the sale proceeds whilst ensuring that the transaction structure is the most appropriate for the selling shareholders. Our key roles in assisting in such a process are:

  • Working with management and/or shareholders to agree the parameters and objectives of any transaction
  • Valuing the business or assets for sale
  • Preparing the company or non-core assets for a sale process, including preparing the necessary marketing materials
  • Identifying of the appropriate target group of acquirors
  • Handling all negotiations and managing the auction process with potential acquirors
  • Controlling the due diligence investigations carried out by potential acquirors


We have significant experience in raising new capital for companies, whether it be through arranging senior debt or mezzanine facilities or helping structure and then selling an equity interest in a company. We will help identify the right source of capital, assist in the negotiation of the terms and oversee any due diligence or other process that might be required. We maintain a proprietary database of sources of capital for media businesses, which together with our extensive media network allows our clients to access a range of both domestic and international funding sources.

The range of capital fundraisings that we are typically involved with include:

Equity capital for private and public companies
  • Modeling and structuring investment instruments to meet a company’s specific requirements
  • Preparing the marketing materials to use when approaching investors
  • Sourcing capital from private equity investors, specialist funds or strategic partners
  • Handling the key steps in the process from the negotiation of indicative terms through to completion  
Senior debt and mezzanine facilities
  • Funding for acquisitions, leveraged recapitalisations and general corporate use
  • Modeling and structuring appropriate facilities to meet the cashflow profile of the business
  • Identifying appropriate banking partners
  • Negotiating terms and overseeing the due diligence process


Management-led transactions require additional skills from the advisors involved in order to ensure that the funders backing the management, the vendors selling the business and the management team themselves are all able to reach a consensus on the structure and objectives of the transaction.

IBIS Capital has significant experience in working with management teams in exploring, financing and ultimately executing both management buy-in and buy-out transactions.

We assist management teams and funders in the following aspects of a transaction:

  • The approach and initial negotiations with the vendor / selling shareholders
  • Preparing financial projections and constructing a detailed financial model
  • Valuing the company
  • Preparing the materials to be used by management during discussions with investor groups
  • Discussions with, and selection of, a financial partner
  • Sourcing and negotiating the terms of any debt facilities
  • Structuring the transaction, including acquisition price and the level of management equity
  • Negotiating final deal terms, documenting and closing the transaction